Osiyo! – That’s Hello in Cherokee – and welcome to my gaming blog!

I have recently gotten back into gaming and have had such a strong urge to write a gaming blog. Gaming is something I love and has been a long interest of mine.

I will be posting game reviews, news, and other gaming-related content.

Probably most of my game reviews will be of older games. As much as I love gaming, it is an expensive hobby and as such, I am not always able to purchase the latest releases. I hope you all will enjoy my blog regardless and I look forward to posting many entries.

Note: Photos are not mine unless otherwise stated.

Featured post

Gamecube Mini A Possibility?

There have been rumors for a few years now about the possibility of Nintendo making a Gamecube Mini.
The rumors began in 2018 when Nintendo applied for a trademark related to the Gamecube. And rumors continued with the Gamecube controllers for the Switch, some saying they are hinting at what Nintendo’s next mini console will be. 

Nintendo boss, Shuntaro Furukawa, has confirmed the company is looking at ways to expand the online service beyond NES into more recent games. They are looking at other methods to provide N64 and Gamecube games.

At this point, they can’t provide information about future classic hardware but said there is something in the works.

Is there a possibility of a Gamecube Mini? Perhaps minis of both N64 and Gamecube? I don’t know but it would be pretty awesome.

Would you want a Gamecube Mini?

The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes

The third game in The Dark Pictures Anthology is called House of Ashes and it is releasing sometime next year. It is a horror game set in the Iraq war and stars Ashley Tisdale.

The trailer is definitely interesting. I’m looking forward to seeing more with this game.

Anyone else looking forward to House of Ashes? Have you played any games in this series?

Galactus Event

I am currently waiting in the lobby on Fortnite for the live event to start.

I have been playing since the middle of last December but this is the first time I’ve actually gotten the chance to join a live event.

I’m excited. Can’t wait for it to start.

Super Mario 3D All-Stars

Months ago, a Mario collection was rumored for the Switch. Yesterday rumors were confirmed to be true.

Releasing this month on the 18th, the collection includes Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, and Super Mario Galaxy.

Physical copies will only be available for purchase until March.

I’m personally very excited about this. It’s definitely on my to buy list.

Recent Buys

west of loathing

West of Loathing is a comedy adventure RPG. Developed by Asymmetric Publications, who made Kingdom of Loathing which is a browser RPG.

I have wanted this game since I watched Markiplier’s Let’s Play of it. The game and it’s DLC were recently on sale on the Nintendo eshop. 

I found this game while searching for horror games on the Switch. I’ve heard good things about this game. And it came with a few cool postcards.

What games have you bought recently?

Revisiting Final Fantasy IX

The first RPG I played was Pokemon Yellow. I was around 10 at the time. Years following, I continued to play Pokemon and eventually discovered Kingdom Hearts.

The first two Kingdom Hearts game had Final Fantasy characters along with Disney characters.

Vivi, Squall, Cloud, Tifa, Cid, and other Final Fantasy characters have appeared in the Kingdom Hearts series.

I hadn’t played any Final Fantasy games before. I was curious and wanted to give them a try. I went on Amazon to look for the games. This was in 2006 so by then the series was up to number XII and also had spin-offs such as Crystal Chronicles.

After looking through all the games, I decided on Final Fantasy IX. I ordered it and patiently waited for it to arrive in the mail.

I believe it took about a week and I began playing it as soon as it arrived. I was sucked into this beautiful medieval world of airships and many different races. Cute creatures called Chocobos and Moogles.

It probably took me about a month to beat. I looked forward to playing it every day. And it has been a game that’s stayed with me. The story; the characters. I love it dearly. I still own my original PS1 copy.

Last year, I bought a Nintendo Switch. I was looking at the Eshop and discovered Final Fantasy IX was on there. Even though I still have my copy, I had to get it.

When I was able, I bought it and have recently revisited it. It has been 14 years since I played Final Fantasy IX the first time. And on my replay, I was surprised at how much I remembered the game. It was so familiar. Stepping back into such a wonderful world was a real comfort.

It’s still a beautiful game. The Switch port has gameplay and graphic enhancements. It also has boosters such as high speed and no encounters. I feel these make an already wonderful game even better.

The story and the characters still touch me the same as they did 14 years ago. I got teary-eyed at the ending just the same as 14 years prior. It’s a beautiful game with characters that I love.

Final Fantasy IX is one of my all-time favorite games. It has a memorable story and characters that were, for me, very relatable. Especially Garnet.

I realize nowadays, Final Fantasy IX is a very cherished game. I’m told it seems to be everyone’s favorite. It is very surprising to me because when I was originally played this, the game was often made fun of and called childish. I definitely dealt with some hate back then because I love this game. I’m having a hard time believing how loved this game is now considering how much it was hated back then.

The love for it is nice to see though. I think it is an amazing game.

Revisiting Final Fantasy IX was quite an experience. I’m older now and I’ve changed a lot in 14 years. But this game still resonates with me so much. It will forever be a favorite and I will forever praise this wonderful game.

It also has a beautiful theme song, which I will leave you all with.

Beyond Good & Evil Film In Development For Netflix

Beyond Good & Evil is a cult-classic action-adventure video game released in 2003. And it is one of my all-time favorite games.

A sequel has been in development for years. If and when that will release, I do not know. There hasn’t been much news on the sequel front recently.

However, there is a film coming to Netflix. Detective Pikachu director is at the helm of this film. It will be a hybrid of live-action and animation. I don’t think there is a release date the moment and I’m not sure how closely it’ll follow the plot of the game.

I am excited about this film.

Review: Among The Sleep.

Among The Sleep is a first-person survival horror game. Released in 2014 for PC, 2015 for PS4, 2016 for Xbox One. An enhanced edition which included the DLC and museum was released for PC n 2017, and 2019 for Switch.

The game begins with David celebrating his second birthday with his mother. It is soon interrupted by a visitor. The game suggests David’s parents are divorced.

David hears his mother arguing with the visitor and his fear is presented as blurred vision. Soon after, his mother returns with a gift. David’s mother takes him to his bedroom to open his gift but before she can open it, the phone rings and she puts David in his playpen. 

This is now where the player gains control and finally begins playing the game. You have the ability to walk, run for a short period, crawl which is the fastest way to move, climb, and grab items. 

After exploring the room, you find Teddy hiding and giggle in the toy box. The Teddy Bear was David’s gift. Teddy talks and asks David about things in his room. Eventually, they explore a creepy closet together before his mother puts him to bed.

David awakes in the middle of the night after his crib is pushed over and finds Teddy in the washing machine who says something is not right.

And so begins the two-year-old’s nightmarish journey to find his mother.

Among The Sleep is only around 4 hours long. Probably less if you don’t try to get all the collectible drawings. It’s definitely a creepy game. It always has an unsettling and unsafe feeling. They did a great job with the creepy atmosphere in the game.

There are only a few monsters but some parts you really have to be careful so they don’t catch you.

I feel they did everything well from the child’s movements to the whole feel of the game and the story though it is quite heartbreaking.

Problems I had with the game were I had to restart it three times. There is something wrong with the save system. Not everyone experiences it but doing research, I found out I wasn’t the only one who had that problem. I would collect a new memory, reach the chapter, and decided to take a break for a bit. Upon returning, I would find the game had erased my progress and started me back at the first chapter. 

I beat the game by just playing through the whole game without taking any breaks. It took me about 4 hours, maybe a bit less. Although it is not a long game, the save system not working properly is quite frustrating. I had wanted to take my time with it but had to complete it in one playthrough to even be able to beat it.

The character also got stuck on things a lot. That was frustrating especially at parts where an enemy was prowling about. 

I have the enhanced edition with the DLC of the prologue and the museum. The museum is quite cool. It shows monsters that they decided not to put in the game and even the original ending.

It seems the original story was different than the one that ended up in the game. And it was really cool, perhaps a bit horrifying, to see the original ending.

Among The Sleep is a very creepy game with a good but heartbreaking story. I enjoyed it very much. The bugs, however, did make it frustrating. And I was not happy about having to restart it more than once.

If you want a good creepy horror game, I do recommend giving this a try. 

Current Play: Among The Sleep

My current play is a survival horror game called Among The Sleep. I purchased it a while back and have now gotten around to playing it. So far, I think it is a bit creepy.

What are you currently playing?

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